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Today, September 6th, 2013 our Service Coordinator, Allen is on his way to Rapport. He is about to begin a great adventure for himself. Rapport can’t be explained only experienced. D.J. Wagner heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. continues their commitment to leadership training. For years D.J. Wagner has sent key employees to Rapport Leadership training. The training is a personal and professional building experience.

Take note of the very fashionable Sponge Bob backpack. The tradition of sporting the bag through airports goes back to several years. He left with his bag packed with surprises and supportive cards from the D.J. Wagner team members from previous classes.

As several graduates of the program sent Allen off yesterday, we all wish Allen the best and we all know he will make the most of his time out at Rapport. We can’t wait to hear all about Allen’s experience when he comes back next week.