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D.J. Wagner recently teamed up with Habitat for Humanity of Atlantic County, Seashore Construction, the Hammonton community, as well as other contractors to renovate a deserving family’s home. Erik Mendez, a teenager with Cerebral Palsy and the inability to speak, lived in a home that was not fit to his needs. Prior to the construction, Erik needed to be carried down the steps from his house to get the bus. He also could not take showers due to inaccessibility and was forced to be sponge bathed. The supply of heat in his room was relied on a space heater.

Pete Clausen, Mike Zane , Shawn Gillan, and Joe Alber out front of the Mendez House

The initial project design called for an addition to the house with a handicap bathroom that included a wheelchair accessible shower as well as ramp from the house. As the project progressed new issues were discovered. A noticeable issue with the boiler, ventilation and air conditioning; this is where D.J. Wagner eagerly stepped in to help. Specifically, D.J. Wagner with the help of Ferguson Enterprises, Johnstone Supply, and United Supply, donated the necessary supplies and equipment to relocate the condenser, install a new boiler with domestic hot water coil for the home, and baseboard heat into Erik’s bed room and bath room. John Boswell and Joe Alber, led the volunteer project for D.J. Wagner with the assistance of Shawn Gillan, Steve Calabrese, Pete Clausen, Mark Edwards, Alberto Ortiz, Ryan Owens, and Mike Zane.

Since the completed project, Erik and his family have some peace of mind. Erik now has the freedom and access to leave his house without much help, get into the shower with his wheelchair, and has a comfortable place to call home. D.J. Wagner understands the importance of giving back to the community and was humbled by the opportunity to have such a positive impact on the lives of others.