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DJ Wagner recently finished the renovation of a 230,000 SF office for new Sunoco Headquarters located at Ellis Preserve in Newtown Square. DJ Wagner performed the HVAC scope of work as a subcontractor to IMC Construction.

The project consisted of 10-90 ton packaged rooftop units, serving medium pressure air to 235 VAV boxes and 56 Fan Powered Boxes. In addition DJ Wagner installed approximately 250,000 pounds of sheet metal duct and 1,600 grilles, registers and diffusers.

The challenge on the project was getting all the work done with a 10 month schedule from start to finish. In that same 10 months, the building was not available to actually start work for the first 2 months, while building infills took place, an addition was built, revised engineering and owner changes were considered and the coordination took place. In addition to that, during the course of construction there were 18 post construction bulletins ranging from the addition of 57,000 SF of area to modifications for coordination.

Another challenge was to lift the massive 90 ton units each weighing about 19,000 lbs. onto the roof with access from only one side and a reach of 275 feet. To do that a massive 500 ton crane along with a support crane were brought in. With that load swinging high above the building and the sheer size of the crane and unit moves, the project had to be shut down during that activity. After careful planning all units were lifted into place with one crane move, all in one day.

DJ Wagner successfully completed the project on time and on budget.

  • Sunoco Ellis Preserve Project
  • Owner: BPG Development
  • Project Client: Sunoco
  • Construction Manager: IMC
  • Architect: Francis Cauffman
  • Engineer: Schade Engineering
  • Project Schedule: September 1, 2014 to July 18, 2015