Shepherd’s Crossing is a 6 section Main Building for the Shepherd’s Crossing Community. It consists of 4 sections of assisted living units and 2 sections of independent living units. DJW installed 1 Closed Circuit Cooler with underground piping. 6 Energy Recovery Units. 192 Water Source Heat pumps. 3 Boilers for heat injection. 2 Make up air units with exhaust for kitchens. The system was a closed loop water source heat pump system. Water treatment  was provided by DJW. We also installed a full BAS control system for the building which monitored the HVAC and parts of the electrical system. Piping for the Closed Circuit Cooler was installed underground from the Mechanical room to the Cooler. DJW did all concrete work for the Cooler base, we set the vault for the cooler piping, and we installed all associated piping and water treatment equipment for the cooler. All duct work for Heat/cool, dryer exhaust, bathroom exhaust, building exhaust, kitchen make up air and exhaust. All closed loop piping and associated valves and controls were installed by DJW. Duct insulation was performed by contractor for DJW along with BAS system, and building air and water flow balancing. The building consisted of 3 to 4 floors. Plus attic. Duct and piping was installed on all floors and in all attics. Piping was installed on all floors.