Lakeside Graduate Student Housing Project is compiled of 15 buildings. 4 Midrise, 10 townhouses and 1 parking garage. There is a geothermal well field with a primary and secondary loop to transfer energy from 474 Water source heat pumps. There are also dryer, kitchen and bath exhaust systems in each building. 6 buildings have secondary pumps to circulate the geothermal loop throughout the complex. All WSHP units have stand-alone thermostats. There is a BAS system for the operation of the geothermal pumps and monitoring some exhaust. There was also electric heat in stairwells, common area’s and certain unit bathrooms.

Due to the lay out of the units, D.J. Wagner assisted in changes that would help the facility access filters and other portions of the systems for maintenance and repair. D.J. Wagner also introduced Aquatherm Blue fusion pipe for the building geothermal piping. This substitution was accepted by the A&E team. The blue fusion pipe eliminates the possibility of corrosion and pipe failure. Each joint is fusion welded. This helped tremendously with the ability to keep with the extreme schedule on this project.

During the course of this project, D.J. Wagner had as many as 6 buildings being worked on at the same time. This made manpower and material deliveries crucial to the success of this project. D.J. Wagner created a plan and kept with it through the whole project. We had a full time on site logistics tech to handle the enormous amount of materials that were required to do this project at the pace that was required. D.J. Wagner never was behind on this project for the time we were on it doing construction.

Lakeside Student Graduate Housing was a demanding project performed from July 2013 through July 2015. D.J. Wagner seized the challenge of material management, manpower management and coordination. Through team planning and scheduling, D.J. Wagner delivered the project on time and on budget.