DJ Wagner was responsible for the entire project and self performed all the mechanical piping and sheet metal work while subcontracting, general contraction services, insulations, electrical power, control wiring and balancing.

This project consisted of two projects combined into one.

The first project was replacing an existing 160 ton chiller with a new 400 ton chiller and the installation of 10” and 6” chilled water supply and return main piping throughout the campus in the existing utility tunnel. We utilized 3D drawings of the mechanical room to coordinate weaving the new 10” pipe in and out of the existing piping in the mechanical room.  The 10” pipe weighed 40 pounds per foot and had to be maneuvered through doorways into the small tunnels. Our team insulated all piping and provided for the connection of the existing Building Management System with the new controls required to operate the new chiller system.

The second project was to replace four existing Heating and Ventilating Units with new chilled and hot water coil Air Handling Units in existing mezzanines. We replaced 1 multi-zone Air Handler in the lower level with a chilled and hot water coil AHU with Variable Air Volume boxes. Then our team replaced one DX gas fired rooftop unit with a new rooftop unit with chilled and hot water coils. Next, we replaced the existing Grilles, Registers and Diffusers in classrooms with new Variable Air Volume diffusers and VAV boxes for energy control. We installed duct wrap insulation on all the existing ducts served by the replaced AHU’s and replaced the existing exposed spiral duct serving the science labs with new double wall duct. Finally we installed new chiller water piping from the new chilled water main to each new AHU and RTU.

To give a perspective:

There is about a mile of piping required for this project. The 10” piping mains fished through the building are capable of carrying enough water to fill your average size swimming pool in 15 minutes or 25 bathtubs in 1 minute. The pumps were half the size of a small car and weighed over 2700 pounds.  The chiller has the same cooling capacity of 800,000 pounds of ice every hour and the Air handlers can condition 35 average size homes.