The 151 Foods project was a new installation of MUA equipment, Rooftop equipment, duct work, GRD’s, Exposed Spiral for the 151 Foods NJ bakery building. It consisted of (7) MUA units set on frames in building. The OA for these units was pulled from large hoods installed on roof and ducted to the large MUA units. Duct work for these 7 systems consisted of exposed spiral with GRD’s mounted in spiral duct. Spiral ranged in size from 54″ to 36″ for each system. These systems were installed out on the production floor in designed area’s of the floor. Also in this area was installed 30 exhaust fans with motorized dampers.  These fans and dampers were controlled by a BAS system installed for the project. DJW also installed 7 exterior louvers with motor operated dampers for combustion air and OA into certain mechanical rooms. 1 louver was for the air compressors for the plant. DJW constructed a plenum wall to accept 2 large motor operated dampers to accommodate the air requirements for the large air compressors. Duct leak testing was performed on this duct work by an outside contractor. There were 4 Gas fired rooftop units installed for offices, locker rooms, restrooms and lab spaces. DJW was required to adhere to special regulations with the installation of the duct work and equipment. Food guide lines had to be followed.