Welcome back from Rapport Leadership Breakthrough 1 Jill Salvato! Jill is D.J. Wagner’s most recent Rapport Graduate. Keep an eye out for more D.J. Wagner team members who seize an amazing opportunity to grow as leaders as we continue to build from within!


D.J. Wagner is excited to recognize its newest Rapport leadership graduates, Kathi Solem of Leadership Breakthrough 1 along with Al Seeney and Mike Capozolli of Leadership Breakthrough 2! We are eager for each them to use the tools learned from this incredible training experience. Congratulations Kathi, Al and Mike!

Kathi Solem LB1



We are very excited to announce that another DJ Wagner employee, Tom Wagner, has recently graduated from Rapport Leadership Breakthrough One! Rapport has been a major influence on our team and building our culture here at DJ Wagner Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We continue to encourage our staff to take this journey not only to grow personally but professionally as well.  Rapport offers a challenging yet rewarding experience and we look forward to seeing what skills Tom brings home to apply to his daily life.  Way to go, Tom!



We also are extremely thrilled to announce that while Tom dominated Leadership Breakthrough One, Steve Calabrese, Mike Castelli, Cait Scullin and Jim Shriver conquered Leadership Breakthrough Two! Leadership Breakthrough Two is focused on team building and working together to accomplish one common goal. As for Tom, we are excited to watch what Steve, Mike, Cait and Jim do now with the exclusive training they have received!

As you can see, here at DJ Wagner we are committed to the education and growth of our employees both professionally and personally. These five employees who seized the opportunity at Rapport Leadership Training in Las Vegas, Nevada is another indication that we are in the midst of very exciting times at DJ Wagner! Stay tuned for the next group of DJ Wagner family to return from Rapport Training!

Mike Castelli - Web (2)

The Training Continues 

We can add another one to our Rapport Alumni here at D.J. Wagner Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Congratulations to our Project Manager Mike Castelli.  Those who know about Rapport  really respect the knowledge, power and leadership qualities that come out of the process. Those who have not gone want to know more about it. The training learned from Rapport will always be with a graduate of the program. D.J. Wagner Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. has sent over 20 employees to this extraordinary program. Mike along with the other graduates will be passing on the infamous Rapport backpack to another employee.


Joe Catinella_Web


Sending our Operation Manager to Rapport!

Joe was sent off to Rapport with his D.J. Wagner Back Pack all ready to go! Joe will embark on a new journey that simply cannot be explained but only experienced. Joe had his official send off meeting with past Rapport Alumni from the office. We cannot wait to hear all about his experience and to see his big smile on Monday morning when he returns.


Allen's Send off to Rapport!
Allen’s Send off to Rapport!

Today, September 6th, 2013 our Service Coordinator, Allen is on his way to Rapport. He is about to begin a great adventure for himself. Rapport can’t be explained only experienced. D.J. Wagner heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. continues their commitment to leadership training. For years D.J. Wagner has sent key employees to Rapport Leadership training. The training is a personal and professional building experience.

Take note of the very fashionable Sponge Bob backpack. The tradition of sporting the bag through airports goes back to several years. He left with his bag packed with surprises and supportive cards from the D.J. Wagner team members from previous classes.

As several graduates of the program sent Allen off yesterday, we all wish Allen the best and we all know he will make the most of his time out at Rapport. We can’t wait to hear all about Allen’s experience when he comes back next week.