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Project Name: NCO Building 5516 and 5517
Owner: US Army 
Project Client: US Army Corp of Engineers
Construction Manager/ GC: Volmar Construction
Architect: Mason and Hanger
Engineer: Mason and Hanger
Project Schedule: July 2013 to July 2015
Summary of Scope and Project:

This was a total gut of existing Barracks to a new barracks, training and office facility on the base of Fort Dix.  The project consisted of a multi unit Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system with 133 indoor units fed with 24 heat pumps.  Also provided were 2 independent conventional units, 1- MUA and 12 Energy Recovery units.  Miscellaneous electric unit heaters.  The biggest challenge was to coordinate all the piping and duct in a building not originally designed for ducts and headroom was at a premium for that and the addition of fire sprinklers.